We believe in the power of play.

Gamification is a powerful way of learning new skills, theory or experiences. 

We create with our games an unique environment where positive energy, challenge, creativity, experience and learning come together. We combine board, computer, AR en VR elements for our gamifications to create an unique and creative learning and experience environment.

Ambition Gamification creates gamifications combining board games with virtual and augmented reality. Because of our experience and expertise in our organisation we are able to develop and produce inhouse within a timeframe of one-month gamifications for organisations on the following areas:

– Change
– Project and Programme management
– Skill training
– Proces improvement
– Culture change

We have three groups of gamifications:
– Ready to play games such as PRINCEOPOLY, King’s Land and Casino Wars, etc.
– Game concepts which can be tailored to specific client needs, such as Project Board game, The Martian, The Factory, etc.
– Unique client game concepts tailored made gamifications for a specific client such as Democratia.

Space Plant session